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Sunday, January 13, 2013

5 Things.

Today is Sunday & not Friday but I'm still doing a 5 Things post.

It's been 10 days since my last post. Things got crazy. Here are 5 things that happened while I was absent minded.

1. My husband got sick. He thought it was heartburn... that lasts 24 + hours. WebMD and I diagnosed him with a Gallstone Attack. I finally convinced him to go to the ER. Guess who was right? Yep. I'm pretty much on par with Dr. House in my diagnostician skills. So, he got a 2 night stay at the hospital and came home a man in a lot less pain and one unnecessary organ short.

2. My Mom, Dad and Lala came to visit us. They were driving down from Maryland when the whole gallbladder thing went down. The kids started school back up on Monday and it was the first time I had to deal with school drop-offs/pick-ups/lunch making/homework/bedtimes all on my own without a partner, so BOY WAS I HAPPY to have my parents + Lala in town at this exact moment. Plus, I haven't seen them since August and I missed them a lot.

3. We ate out A LOT. My Dad also at this very exact time of craziness was fighting a contracted case of salmonella and/or food poisoning. They are meat eaters and we are not. He had a sensitive stomach and my gallbladder-less husband was trying to get his appetite back. So, food was a bit of an issue. Eating out made things a little easier. One of those dinners, we ate out at a Japanese Steak House, more specifically, the fancy new one at the mall.

It was on this night, that I had an epiphany.

I came up with a brand new diet idea. I call it: The Chopstick Diet.

This diet is for anyone who is struggling with portion control, and it's simple... Eat all meals with chopsticks. No cheater chopsticks, the real deal.

You will learn to savor, to eat slow, and you will stop eating when you are full.
This is my contribution to our rising obesity problem. You're welcome, America.

4. I made some things. The pirate penguin was a DIY Etsy knockoff I made for my little sister (who loves pirates and penguins). You can buy the real deal here, or buy a pattern and attempt to make one yourself (like I did) here. The little raggedy monkey was me learning the hard way you shouldn't make felt plushies with fabric other than felt (he's still kind of cute, though). I got this awesome book called 'The Cuter Book' (Aranzi Aronzo) and can't wait to make every single cute little thing in it!

5. I rocked my first attempt at this hair style. Seriously, not only do I have mad WebMD/diagnostician skills, but I can whip up a halo braid like it's nobody's business. This was hella easy and so cute! I'm definitely putting it in our rotation of every day hairstyles.

So, here we are... kind of/sort of back to normal. Chris went back to work today, my parents + Lala have been gone since Friday and I have my partner mostly back to help with the normal every day of school days. Phew! I realized just how lost I am without him.

Okay, new week. Bring it on!

<3, Tabi :D

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