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Monday, December 26, 2011

Today, my children learned about assholes.

We are eating dinner (cheeseburgers and french fries - YUM!), when I get this text from Christopher, who is hard at work today (someone has to bring home the bacon).
"Just got called an asshole for the umpteenth time today."
Poor Christopher. It must be so hard to deal with grumpy people on the phones all day. :(

So, I sent him this video to cheer him up...

Then this happened:
Roxy: Mommy, what's an asshole?

Me: Someone that is not nice.

Riley: Sometimes I am an asshole.

Roxy: Yea. When Riley punches me, he's an asshole.

I'm ruining our children.

Bright Side: At least he can admit to his faults?


  1. Your kids are cute. Just wait till they go to school and call someone an asshole. Will you get a note from the teacher? LOL


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