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Monday, December 19, 2011

Trying to spin my grumpiness.

I'm not sure why, but I am not in 100% Christmas cheer mode yet. I've been listening to the Indie Holidays Radio station on Pandora. Christmas shopping officially began yesterday. Tree has been trimmed. The outside of the house is lit up. Cookies. Crafting. What is missing?


Two things happened that I need to get over. I'm hoping if I can get over my grumpiness, the cheer will manifest itself.  And this particular subject matter seems to be a button of mine...
  1. We went to see Santa at Sweetbay instead of waiting in the long line at the crazy mall with 3 unruly children only to be let down when most of them won't go within 5 feet of the jolly red guy. So the grocery store Santa was a great alternative in my book (plus there's no pressure to buy the lame polaroid picture for $20). He was nice, he wasn't even a fake beard Santa. Roxy went right to him and we got a lovely picture. No surprise that the Bear wouldn't cooperate. And the baby was sleeping.

    The kicker? As we were about to walk away, Santa said to Christopher, "Are all these yours? You know you can watch TV at night sometimes..."

    Yup. Basically Santa told my husband he should be watching TV instead of making babies. You crossed the line, grocery store Santa.
  2. Today, I took R and R for their six month dental checkups. Their dentist seems like a real sweetheart. But this place is absolutely not marketed toward children. Riley is already skiddish and I could tell he was totally uncomfortable sitting in the huge dentist chair. The hygienist working on Roxy told me (in broken English), "You have three children?!? That is too many!" I clarified with non broken English hygienist (Riley's) and she confirmed what I thought I heard. I think (maybe?) she was trying to be funny, but I was honestly and utterly offended. GRRR. Then, non broken English hygienist (who I lovingly refer to as nervous laugh hygienist), in trying to coax the Bear to open wide used the Santa threat on him. GASP!! I hate when I come to that myself and truly try really hard to stay away from it. But for the freaking dental assistant to use the Santa threat on my little Bear?!?!!?
Anyways. Today I am trying to get past this grumpiness and bring on the Christmas cheer. I'll start with building this gingerbread house. I hope the gingerbread house therapy works. I hope. I hope. I hope. 


  1. Oh my! I'd be pissed too! You should have asked them which one you should give back.
    Also, a lady at Home Depot gave Addie a sticker the other day and told her that it was a very special sticker. She told her it was so special that she'd better not to lose it or Santa wouldn't be able to find her house. SERIOUSLY?!

  2. Sheesh! I wonder how many meltdowns the Home Depot lady caused for parents...


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