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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

May the Fource Be With Us All

... get it? Because he just turned FOUR?!?!

Star Wars party: success!! A great time was had by all and I am always surprised when I can pull off a party in my teeny weeny house. So successful that a certain little Roxtar is already asking for a Star Wars 6th birthday party in January. Well, I mean... who doesn't love Star Wars?!?

 My little Jedis.  <3
I could have posted 16 pictures similar to this group shot and every single one, my girl Roxy has a killer Jedi girl pose. She is so deliciously adorable.

My #1 suggestion for a great kid's party: GET A BOUNCY HOUSE!! I was so skeptical that it would even fit in my back yard, but it did!! Plus - you can't see my green pool to the left of the bounce house, but you can see the swamp like vegetation in the backyard. Very Dagobah. :)

 'Darth Vader' cupcakes. Because the Bear's favorite thing in the world besides Darth Vader is chocolate.

 Death Star cake. My husband the Redditer forwarded me a picture of this and it looked so simple and awesome I had to copy!!

(left) My first crack at punch at a party. I think I will cut the portion in half next time - but it was yummy. (right) Death Star peanut butter sandwiches and (not pictured) Death Star chocolate (nutella) sandwiches.

 Masks and Princess Leia headbands for the girlie Star Wars partiers.

 The spread. This picture really understates the awesomeness of this banner. It was so cute!

 General Grievous Santa.

 Lightsaber fights in the bounce house. Note the awesome foam noodle light sabers each partier got!

 Homemade Death Star Pinata. My husband rocked it!!

 It was destroyed!!!

 (left) More light saber fights. (right)  Boba Fett stopped by to check his email.

 The birthday Bear with that giant laser/flame! 

 Holy Moly, that's a lot of people in my 'dining room'.

And... presents! :)

The Bear declared BEST PARTY EVER and I feel like my mission was accomplished. Phew!!

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