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Saturday, December 31, 2011

What will 2012 bring?

In order to feel accomplished in my life, I like to look back and determine one specific thing per year that defined a change in my life. 

For the purposes of this blog post, I will begin with 2004...

In 2004, I decided to stay in Florida and got engaged to the love of my life. Look how cute and carefree we were. <3


In 2005, we got married in the tallest tower Las Vegas had. I had pink hair. It was the wedding of my childhood dreams (except Elvis wasn't there).
That day, I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, and so in my nesting craziness...

We bought our first house. (Yup at the peak of the housing bubble burst thing).


In 2006, I became a Mommy for the first time. My baby girl, Roxy was born.


2007 bought us our Riley J. Bear. Roxy became a big sister and our little family grew.


I've always been pretty good at change and used to roll with the flow pretty well. But as you can see, the past 3 years were major changes for me. So, in 2008 I had a mental breakdown and found my spirituality. Thank God I kept it together.
And thank God I married the most understanding, patient, loving man. 


Speaking of patience...

In 2009, we opened our house up to a friend in need and her four children. It was trying at times, but I would do it all over again. I can't believe I'm saying this now, but I kind of LOVED having 6 and sometimes 7 children in our little 3 bedroom house. Never a dull moment. :)

The picture above pretty much shows what it was like in our house on any given moment.

The Bear found a buddy in CJ, and Roxy loved being surrounded by little girls. :)
Which brings us to...


Zoie Rainbow Deneweth was born in 2010. My third baby, a girl. If your keeping track - that's 3 children under the age of 5. So... I stopped working to stay home and raise these kids. I started the most exciting, hard working and rewarding job of my life: a Stay at Home Mom. 


In 2011, we became united as a family by Star Wars. As crazy as it may sound, it's a love for something every single one of us shares and I am so happy to have this bond.

Other Notables from 2011:
  • I started this blog. :)
  • Roxy lost her BFF to a drunk driving accident in July. This event is definitely something that will stick with me for the rest of my days and has changed my POV of life, of my children in ways I can't quite find the words to describe.
  • Christopher got fixed, which probably means no new Deneweth babies. :(
    *probably: because anything is possible...
So, I'm wishing 2012 brings everyone good luck, good fortune and positive changes. 

For us? I'm wishing 2012 brings us back on track financially. Our family is blessed in so many ways I really can't complain much about anything. But the one thing that needs to be changed in order for our little (big) family to flourish is our finances. Which really can't get much worse than they are at the moment. This is my wish for New Year 2012. Bring it 2012.

And Peace on Earth.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Today, my children learned about assholes.

We are eating dinner (cheeseburgers and french fries - YUM!), when I get this text from Christopher, who is hard at work today (someone has to bring home the bacon).
"Just got called an asshole for the umpteenth time today."
Poor Christopher. It must be so hard to deal with grumpy people on the phones all day. :(

So, I sent him this video to cheer him up...

Then this happened:
Roxy: Mommy, what's an asshole?

Me: Someone that is not nice.

Riley: Sometimes I am an asshole.

Roxy: Yea. When Riley punches me, he's an asshole.

I'm ruining our children.

Bright Side: At least he can admit to his faults?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cheer!!

I ordered my Christmas cards today. (Look back at this post's date stamp, and re-read that first statement. Now that's what I call fashionably late.)

We had a little living room family photo shoot and no one cried! (But we did break a camera lens, so Daddy felt like crying...) Check out some takes from our fancy photo shoot.


And... we ended the day driving around looking at Christmas lights.

What a super cute house!!

It was a very Christmas-Cheery day. 

Photo Card

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Trying to spin my grumpiness.

I'm not sure why, but I am not in 100% Christmas cheer mode yet. I've been listening to the Indie Holidays Radio station on Pandora. Christmas shopping officially began yesterday. Tree has been trimmed. The outside of the house is lit up. Cookies. Crafting. What is missing?


Two things happened that I need to get over. I'm hoping if I can get over my grumpiness, the cheer will manifest itself.  And this particular subject matter seems to be a button of mine...
  1. We went to see Santa at Sweetbay instead of waiting in the long line at the crazy mall with 3 unruly children only to be let down when most of them won't go within 5 feet of the jolly red guy. So the grocery store Santa was a great alternative in my book (plus there's no pressure to buy the lame polaroid picture for $20). He was nice, he wasn't even a fake beard Santa. Roxy went right to him and we got a lovely picture. No surprise that the Bear wouldn't cooperate. And the baby was sleeping.

    The kicker? As we were about to walk away, Santa said to Christopher, "Are all these yours? You know you can watch TV at night sometimes..."

    Yup. Basically Santa told my husband he should be watching TV instead of making babies. You crossed the line, grocery store Santa.
  2. Today, I took R and R for their six month dental checkups. Their dentist seems like a real sweetheart. But this place is absolutely not marketed toward children. Riley is already skiddish and I could tell he was totally uncomfortable sitting in the huge dentist chair. The hygienist working on Roxy told me (in broken English), "You have three children?!? That is too many!" I clarified with non broken English hygienist (Riley's) and she confirmed what I thought I heard. I think (maybe?) she was trying to be funny, but I was honestly and utterly offended. GRRR. Then, non broken English hygienist (who I lovingly refer to as nervous laugh hygienist), in trying to coax the Bear to open wide used the Santa threat on him. GASP!! I hate when I come to that myself and truly try really hard to stay away from it. But for the freaking dental assistant to use the Santa threat on my little Bear?!?!!?
Anyways. Today I am trying to get past this grumpiness and bring on the Christmas cheer. I'll start with building this gingerbread house. I hope the gingerbread house therapy works. I hope. I hope. I hope. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Call me crazy.

I have not started Christmas shopping yet.

If you know me, this shouldn't come as a surprise to you. However, it always surprises me a little. I think maybe one day I will be on top of this and start earlier and not be up until 3 am wrapping presents Christmas Eve. But then again, that's the Kohansby way - right Mom? ;)

It's okay. I think I work best under pressure. I'll be okay.... right???

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

May the Fource Be With Us All

... get it? Because he just turned FOUR?!?!

Star Wars party: success!! A great time was had by all and I am always surprised when I can pull off a party in my teeny weeny house. So successful that a certain little Roxtar is already asking for a Star Wars 6th birthday party in January. Well, I mean... who doesn't love Star Wars?!?

 My little Jedis.  <3
I could have posted 16 pictures similar to this group shot and every single one, my girl Roxy has a killer Jedi girl pose. She is so deliciously adorable.

My #1 suggestion for a great kid's party: GET A BOUNCY HOUSE!! I was so skeptical that it would even fit in my back yard, but it did!! Plus - you can't see my green pool to the left of the bounce house, but you can see the swamp like vegetation in the backyard. Very Dagobah. :)

 'Darth Vader' cupcakes. Because the Bear's favorite thing in the world besides Darth Vader is chocolate.

 Death Star cake. My husband the Redditer forwarded me a picture of this and it looked so simple and awesome I had to copy!!

(left) My first crack at punch at a party. I think I will cut the portion in half next time - but it was yummy. (right) Death Star peanut butter sandwiches and (not pictured) Death Star chocolate (nutella) sandwiches.

 Masks and Princess Leia headbands for the girlie Star Wars partiers.

 The spread. This picture really understates the awesomeness of this banner. It was so cute!

 General Grievous Santa.

 Lightsaber fights in the bounce house. Note the awesome foam noodle light sabers each partier got!

 Homemade Death Star Pinata. My husband rocked it!!

 It was destroyed!!!

 (left) More light saber fights. (right)  Boba Fett stopped by to check his email.

 The birthday Bear with that giant laser/flame! 

 Holy Moly, that's a lot of people in my 'dining room'.

And... presents! :)

The Bear declared BEST PARTY EVER and I feel like my mission was accomplished. Phew!!
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