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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Busy Busy Busy.

13 days in and not 1 Tabi Happy post. What's going on, you say?

My teal wall, caught in transition. This is my 'abstract art' photo.


I moved, you see. It's been a bigger deal than I originally thought it would be. Not so much physically or the work involved (I had a good idea about all that). But the emotional and internal aspects of moving this time are what surprised me the most.

I was looking forward to this clean, blank canvas of a start for us. Well, after about 3 weeks of cleaning and painting, I am ecstatic to say our clean blank canvas is ready.

I won't feel completely "in" this new home of ours until all the loose ends from our old home are tied up and I can put that behind me. I need closure to move on. It seems that's how my brain works. I have lots of empty walls and seedlings of change inside me for myself, for my children, for these walls. Yet, I can't bring myself to start watering and nurturing these seedlings until ties are cut with the old place.

I'm feeling a bit out of sorts. A little bit alien with a touch of brain fog.

A huge contribution to the alien invasion inside my brain is this fracking pollen. Is it just me or is it horrible this year?? Dr. Tabi/self-professed diagnostician tells me that it's a trifecta of the pollen + stress of moving + dust, Dust, DUST! To spare you of the snotty details, let's just say I'm ready to sign the papers to have my sinuses removed already. What do we need those for anyways??

I noticed myself just this past Sunday starting to notice the 'little things of beauty' in this new place:
- The clean, white walls + morning sun pouring in makes for sunlit crazy Zoie Boie morning hair.

- Finally having our art supplies out of cardboard boxes has lit the spark of creativity in my Roxy again, I'm so happy she has an outlet for all of her dramatic feelings.

- Just two nights ago, my husband was inspired to take something (our beloved coffee grinder!) apart and repair it, make it better. Fixing and repairing is his creative outlet.

- My Bear is stuck in Minecraft at the moment. I don't know much about the game, but he builds all sorts of things and I have to think that, while not my medium of choice, video games seem to be his creative outlet. Not only does he play them with such anticipation, but when I force him to turn it off for a bit, he'll come over to the drawing table and map out new things he wants to build in Minecraft.
So, amidst my change in domicile, I'm starting to feel inspired to make changes elsewhere. This blog, my daily schedule, my responsibilities and their ranks in priority. So, keep up with me and come back for changes - good positive, forward moving changes - happening around here.

(I'm loving this spark of enthusiasm I'm feeling right now.)

Just as soon as my sinuses stop being angry with me, that is.

<3, Tabi :D

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