Monday, March 26, 2012

Goal List and a bunch of Random Shtuff...

Who doesn't love a baby in oversized sunglasses?
Get ready for a bunch of random. I'm feeling very random today and unfocused. How about you?

In my head I feel like I have so much going on. Yet when people ask me what I do, why do I always feel I have to ham it up and prove I'm not a lazy stay at home Mom?

Do you remember that terrible feeling you used to get in high school that maybe you liked someone more than they liked you? Sometimes I still feel this way (in my marriage). But only sometimes. I know it's an irrational feeling. I know deep down, my husband and I share a deep mutual adoration... Anyways, I can't figure out if it's a good feeling or just means I'm doomed to forever be insecure.

I am LOVING Lily Allen lately. But her Spotify station is a bit too Lillith Faire for me...

Spring Break made me crave Summer Break even more. Kids all day, pool time, no school, smoothies every day at lunch time....

Anyways, just a few thoughts that trampled through my mind this morning... here are some goals I'm working on this week:
  • To make a grocery shopping list to include at least 5 healthy, well balanced meals that everyone can eat (Dairy Free and Meat Free). This is one I've been procrastinating on for like 2 weeks now. Here's one recipe I'm definitely going to try out.
  • To clean out Roxy's/Zoie's room. It is getting out of hand. Really, it is.
  • To tie up some loose ends and get the ball rolling on our bankruptcy filing.
  • To finish up and mail out my Busy Bags.
  • Four days at the gym. (Maybe 5? I'd like to sneak in a rock climb on Thursday with my sweetie again.)
  • Get Christopher to give the van a good cleaning. It kind of smells like feet.
  • Fill out the huge stack of papers and get them turned in for Riley's VPK school (he's starting in August - eep! They grow so fast... my little baby Bear.)
<3, Tabi :D

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