Sunday, June 3, 2012

Self Affirmation

What's the Word June?
Today's word is: (unicorn)
Image found on Pinterest

Happy Sunday!

I'm a dreamer. I hope I never stop dreaming. I guard my right to have my head in the clouds like I guard my children's creativity. I want them to believe that anything is possible (like I do).  I want their minds to be wide open to receive whatever inspirations the universe throws their way, to trust in it and to never strive to be someone else's idea of perfect. I believe it's entirely possible that somewhere in this universe there is actually (and not metaphorically) a unicorn grazing in a meadow next to a double rainbow.

This is my favorite part of me.

<3, Tabi :D


I love feedback, thanks so much for sharing.

Have an awesome day.

xo, Tabi :D

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