Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Funny Things

1. I picked Roxy up from school today and asked what she did. She told me they played tennis.
Me: (surprised) Really?!? So tell me how you played tennis.
Roxy: Well, we used those balls that doggies play with.  
(You know the ones... tennis balls...)

2. Every time I point a camera at this girl, this is the face I get.

3. Speaking of Roxy and puppies. Roxy got her face painted the other day at the Y.

That night, I put the kids in the bath:
Me: Oh no. The puppy is going to go away.
Roxy: It's not a sad day. I was just transforming into my ultimate form.
4. I tried out Body Pump yesterday. And today, I need crutches.

5. Remember my new goal? To quit yelling? Every now and then, Riley will look at me, so seriously and very mature-like and say, "Mommy. This is your warning. Next time you yell, it's a time out."

I love how that kid keeps me in check. :)


That is all. Tomorrow is my big girl's birthday!!!!

<3, Tabi :D

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