Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Disappearing off the face of the Blogosphere

Holy wow! I had a blast these past 4 weeks, took lots of pictures and experienced lots of new experiences.

But (!) it turns out I can't be Super-Mom and Blogger-Mom at the same time. Also, it turns out that traveling around a bunch and living out of a minivan with 4 children and a husband 5 states away is a lot harder than it (initially) sounded. Am I crazy? Or brave? I flip flopped on the answer to that question many times and still don't have a solid answer.

The bad news: I had a major lapse in my blogging.

The good news: I have lots of material to post and I will do my best to scrapbook our Summer Adventure of 2012 on here so you can fully appreciate what an experience we had.  

I digress...

Did you know today was the first day of school?!? My Roxy started 1st Grade, and my Bear started his first day of VPK! By the end of this school year, I will be a certified Mom/Taxi Driver, for sure!

Here are some pics... because what fun is the First Day of School without pictures?

Roxy left the nest first. Her school starts at 8:00 am (very scary for a non morning person like me)! Daddy drove her this morning (well... he always does) and walked her to her classroom. First graders are upstairs, don't you know? Her teacher is Mrs. Bird and Roxy is excited that 11 out of the 16 kids in her class are girls.

 My Bear was so excited for his first day,
he finished his entire checklist one whole hour before we had to leave the house!!

Speaking of the Bear...

I was a bit nervous with this guy. He started his first day of VPK and said he was excited, but showed a little apprehension. When we went yesterday to meet his teacher (before the first day), he had a death grip on my hand the entire time. But, he had a blast and is so happy his friend, Logan is in his class with him. He also told me that his teachers are super nice, but he can't remember their names yet (we'll work on it, sorry Ms. Harwood and Ms. Navarro if you read this). He is excited to go back tomorrow. Phew!

How did Zoie do with all this, you ask?

This baby didn't have a first day today, but she did fight me as she was trying to leave with Daddy and Roxy (she even waved and gave me kisses). 

Then, as we attempted to drop off the Bear and leave, as soon as she realized I was trying to leave the building without her brother, she got so mad!!  How dare I leave him there?? Luckily, after a few minutes, she calmed down and had a great time playing in the play center at the Y, then spending a little quality time alone with her Momma.

So that's it! I will now attempt to make dinner, bathe 3 children and have them all in bed by 8 pm. All before Christopher even gets off work. Damn those crazy insurance claims hours!

<3, Tabi :D

... phew! It feels good to be blogging again! :)

....... and be sure to stay tuned for some Summer Adventure posts!

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