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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Counting down to V Day... 5,4,3,2...

My Bear, age 3. Wearing the nightgown he wore the day he was born.
My how he's grown!

Day 5 of mourning (yesterday's yesterday)
Yesterday's yesterday (henceforth known as lasterday) I mourned that built in excuse pregnant Moms and Moms of newborns get... for lasterday I had no excuse. I guess I can claim Mommy brain or rely on the 'blonde thing', but those are much less diplomatic. You get way more empathy and passes on things when you are preggers. Oh! and the chivalry!!

Day 4 of mourning (yesterday)
Yesterday I mourned that anticipation I loved soo so much as it got closer and closer to my due date. The excitement that we will have a new member of our family any day now!! What is more exciting?? Nothing, I tell you... nothing.

Day 3 of mourning (today)
Today I am planning for tomorrow, Father's Day - so really there's not much time for mourning. So I will mourn that last little excuse I used to have for selfishness. When you are pregnant, people say that you are allowed to be selfish - if even for the baby's sake. Selfish to sleep a little more, eat a little more, baby yourself a little more... which brings me to...

Day 2 of mourning (tomorrow)

Tomorrow - Father's Day!! First, a little backstory... Often I feel that my darling husband is a much much better parent than I. People often joke that their husbands are their 'other' child. When I hear this, I think in my head (never have I admitted this out loud) in my relationship, that 'other' child is me. I am the one being taught constantly by my husband how to be a better person, wife, mother. It is me who is the immature one in our 'us'.

That's him! <3

Christopher is the most patient, selfless, loving, gentle person I've ever met. He has to be, in order to put up with me. Consequently, this makes him the BEST DAD EVER! I'm not just saying that. He really is. He once taught himself how to french braid my daughter's hair from eHow.

So, tomorrow amongst our little Father's Day celebratory festivities, I will be quietly mourning to myself for those children that won't get to have the best Dad ever. Totally their loss! I guess that makes these kids the luckiest kids ever because they get more of him. <3

Anyways, Happy Father's Day, Daddy. XOXOXOXOXO

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