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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That's it! I'm putting my kids in bubbles.

"Bad Guy Face"

While changing out of our bathing suits in the locker room at the Y - trying to be faster than the impending torrential downpour - there was an incident. The incident looked like this:
Roxy, Riley and Zoie (and the stroller) and me in 3 cubic feet of space trying to change. The Bear, trying hard to stay happy - already in a crummy mood from the rain and being cold and wet.
A little girl, 6 walks up to Riley and asks him why his ears are so big.

Me: His ears aren't big, they are perfect.
Girl's Mom: Honey, what did you say about his ears?
Girl: Look at them, they stick out. Why are they so big and why do they stick out?
Me: Riley, your ears do not stick out. <continuing to change a wiggly baby on the 12" of space on the bench I claimed.>
Riley: <starting to put on his bad guy face>
Girl: Why is he so little?
Me: He's 3. How old are you?
Girl: I'm six, but he is really little. And oh my gosh - his skin is so white!
Girl's Mom: His skin is not that white, your skin is white when you don't go to the pool all the time.
Girl: My skin is NOT THAT WHITE. He is REALLY white. Like milk. Why is he so white??
Me: Trying to move faster and noticing Riley's head about to explode...
Girl: And why does he look so mad?
I tried really hard to be nice and act like the grown up - I downplayed it and finished up and left (and got soaking wet on the run to the car. In retrospect, we really should have left our bathing suits on. We got changed to only go home soaking wet and have to change again.)

But the more I think about this, the more it bugs me. I celebrate my children's differences. Riley is white and skinny and he will grow into his ears, but I love him the way he is and I want him to be proud of his differences. I don't want some kid to be rude and make him feel like he shouldn't be the way he is.

I am not ready for this. They are going in bubbles. And if some rude kid laughs at them for being in their bubble, then they won't hear it anyways.

The bubbles will also come in handy when those nasty stomach bugs are going around. 

Do they sell these bubbles at Target?

p.s. Shout out to my 1 follower!! woot woot. ;)

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