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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today is V Day...

.... and my baby is teething - hardcore teething. A week ago, I noticed two top teeth coming in and today she seems super duper sensitive. Upon inspection, I believe she may be cutting quadruple time - upper teeth (in my experience, top teeth are harder)! That is what I call HARDCORE!
Crazy haired, pink chick ZoBo. Caught her in a happy moment!
So, I have a hardcore teether, ZoBo - who is already the worst sick kid ever - and today is V day, but I have no time or additional brain cells to devote to thinking about V day. It's probably best I don't dwell on it anyways. I will realize it's the best thing anyways. My hubs knows what he's doing.

I am coming to terms. Overhearing people commenting on my kids in stores (they do that a lot), I've heard many things. One statement I've heard many times, "I miss when my kids were that age." I think to myself, I love the age they are now, but as they get older, I don't miss the baby versions of them. They grow into such amazing, interesting, beautiful, funny, crazy little people - I could never turn back the time just so they would be smaller, droolier, quieter versions of themselves. Then again, I could be incorrectly seeing the friendly strangers' perspective as Christopher tells me I do so much.

I will say this: I feel like today marks the end to one 'era' in my life, but I'm just at the beginning of another. My babies are little. At 9 mos, 3 and 5, my oldest is just starting Kindergarten in the fall. We did VPK and I'm beginning to realize (silly as it sounds) that raising children doesn't end with the kids starting school. While babyhood and toddlers are major hard work, it doesn't get easier when they are old enough to wipe their own butts and you can drop them off at school. It just gets different. While my pregnancy days may be over, my baby raising days are just beginning.

Time for a whole new adventure, guys!

P.S. On the teething subject, I just bought Humphrey's Teething Tablets at the store as my beloved Hyland's were taken off the shelf. I have to say so far, they don't do the magic Hyland's Teething Tablets are capable of. I miss you little pink and blue bottle. Please come back soon. :(

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