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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School (with a bang?)

Roxy's First Day of Kindergarten
"She's so cute!"

<sob> My baby girl started school today <sob>...
Wow! What a Tuesday! Major things were happening today.
  1. Roxy started kindergarten. Her first day at Cimino Elementary went smooth. So far, so good! She likes her teacher, she woke up and arrived on time, no tears and she wants to do it again tomorrow. Win!
  2. We have wiggly tooth numero uno... wham! Not only do I now have a kid in elementary school - but she's also trying to get rid of baby teeth now?!? I keep telling this girl to slow down - she tells me her body can't listen to me.
  3. Earthquake in DC!!! (Well Virginia - but felt from NY to NC) I first heard this while stuck in the mile long pick up line at school (not exaggerating). Of course, I couldn't get through to any of my family members via cell phone. I learned today that Facebook and Twitter are the only reliable sources of communication in natural disasters. (Everyone was okay - phew!)
  4. Zoie was a Daddy's girl (for a hot 10 minutes)!!! Today is the first time ever my girlie has picked Daddy over Mommy. Not just once, but it lasted for at least 10 minutes. Too bad Daddy had to go to work, I would've liked to see how long that lasted. Don't worry, it didn't hurt my feelings. Bonus: I think it gave Daddy some warm fuzzies to go to work with. ;)
School Year 2011-2012: here we go!!

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