Wednesday, October 24, 2012

House of Deneweth Halloween Tour

This year, the little goblins wanted so badly to decorate for Halloween and started asking to do so, oh around... August 30th.

So, by the time it got into the first week of October, this Mummy decided to let those little goblins go at it and decorate the house their way.

They started out with amazing pictures of scary witches, ghosts and Jack O' Lanterns, then moved on to some creepy cobwebs all over. Then, when Gramma came over, the house exploded with ghastly amazingness.

So amazing, it just has to be shared and documented for posterity.

If you were wondering, why yes, that wreath was made entirely of coffee filters and kid/Gramma collaborated handmade adornments.

One week till Halloween!!! Yippee!!

<3, Tabi :D

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  1. It's cute! :)
    xo sandra


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