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Monday, September 19, 2011

Bits + Pieces: Weekend Edition

We had a busy little weekend! Calls for a Bits + Pieces (Bleubird Style).

Prepare for photo overload - you know you like it

Is there a wookie behind me?

Cam and the Boyz

(left) Cameron and Lord Vader. (right) Nicole took this picture while I was taking the picture of Riley and his hero, Darth Vader. When I was taking the picture, I didn't even realize the other guy was standing there posing! (I don't know who that guy is.)

Just me, Zo and the Dark Side.

 (left) The Bear and Darth. He looks so small. (right) The only picture Roxy would get in. She was afraid, but was a big brave girl and took this one with her big brother.

On Saturday, we went to a Star Wars Event at Pottery Barn Kids in Hyde Park. It. Was. AWESOME!! (Thanks, Nicole! For inviting us.)

Two little ones passed O-U-T on the way home.


Sunday - we had a busy day! TWO birthday parties!!
Nutella brownies for Josh's party.

On the way to Josh's party. aka Party #1
My specially reserved cake pop!
It was so cute, I didn't want to eat it - but I'm glad I did because it was GOOOD!! (Thanks LeBlanc's!)
Party #2 - Roxy's princess face painting

Roxy and Ailani
Party #2 was a 5th Birthday party for one of Roxy's Pre-K friends - Mehar. When those girls get together, they are soo cute. These photos remind me of teenage girl party pictures.
Thanks, MyLinh for these!


Today's my Mom's birthday!!! This is me and my Mom when I was a teeny one.  

Happy Birthday, Mom! <3


End Photo Overload.

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  1. Ben says that guy is a imperial officer. Well I hope I remembered it right.


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