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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bits + Pieces.

 ... a la Bleubird style.

(1) Experimental bang test picture... should I or shouldn't I?
(2) I put the Bear to work sorting laundry.
(3) Amazing thing I found while clipping coupons. Seattle's Best is our house coffee. :)
(4) Thank you note/text sent to Sunshine for the Nutella coupon she mailed us. <3
(5) Zoie's lunch spread.
(6) Riley's excitement at the pictures he took with his new to him camera.
(7) After swimming, I asked Riley to put his dry clothes back on, he jumped on the opportunity to put on his fave Batman jammies with cape.
(8) Family movie night.
(9) Zoie with her Booty (aka Baby Popcorn)


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