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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hair Balls

My Zoie (who will be 1 years old in 5 days!!!) is one brave chicken.

Not even fully walking yet... but a climber. 

 She climbs out of her baby floaties in the water and jumps in the pool like a big girl.

She fights her two big brothers and a big sister back with a sword (she even made Roxy cry once). 


Yesterday, I found her weakness.

Hair balls.

I discovered my girl's weakness while sweeping the kitchen floor. She grabbed a hair ball from my pile of dirt and screamed like a little girl. Kind of like how the Bear screams when there's a bug flying around. Kind of like how I scream around snakes. It was the first time I heard a terrified scream from my baby.

Later we went to the park and there were lots of hair ball-like moss thingies laying around. She avoided these with all her strength. Each time she spotted one, she would pull and contort her body to avoid it all costs.

Zoie's fear is confirmed. She is afraid of hair balls.

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