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Saturday, March 24, 2012

2 weeks and counting. On being vegetarian...

Becoming a vegetarian at a time when we are new at coming up with dairy free meals that everyone enjoys is difficult (dairy free, since we recently learned Riley Bear has a moderate milk allergy). It's practically vegan. I know some people consider feeding vegan food to children as 'child abuse'. If you are one of these people, please stop reading my blog post right now.

So, two weeks ago, my Roxy and I had a very emotional dinner discussion about where our food comes from. Two days after that conversation, she decided she didn't want to feel bad about eating animals anymore and she was ready to make the decision to be a vegetarian. And she has stuck to her guns on it. (I'm so proud of her conviction.)

From my point of view, people have many varied reasons for being a vegetarian:
  • For health reasons,
  • For moral reasons,
  • For the sake of a loved one...
Roxy's reason is 100% moral. She does NOT think it's okay to take another living being's life, just so that she can have dinner.

My reason is really a mixture of all three. I want to be healthy, and most vegetarians are skinny, right? My moral reason mostly stems from the way the animals are treated at the slaughterhouse. More like things than living creatures. Plus, the issue of their diets and steroids, etc... <I'm sure I could be way more educated on this matter, I've watched Food, Inc. Isn't that enough?> Roxy's moral conviction absolutely pushed me over the edge. We were already cutting meat out more and more, so it wasn't a hard decision at all for me to go all the way veg.

Chris' reason is 100% for the sake of a loved one. He vows to still eat meat when he can and when Roxy is not around. I'm okay with that.

I've also found out that dining out with a milk allergy kid is hard. Most of the time, his only choice is meat. So we make an exception for him also. A kid's got to eat!

Mostly, it makes me feel good that Roxy made a decision and we are supporting her 100% on it.

Saying all that... if anyone reading this wants to share some successful/yummy vegetarian/dairy free recipes... PLEASE DO!!

Here's our list off successful dinners so far:

  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce
  • Veggie Fried Rice
  • Baked Potatoes with Bacos and fake cheese + Broccoli
  • Fake Chik'n nuggets or Boca Burgers with Fries

I need variety. This will not do! 

<3, Tabi :D

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