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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bits + Pieces

inspired by Bleubird Vintage.

... from our last weekend in September.

We were homebodies this weekend and it was perfectly fine with me. I decided since Zoie was officially a toddler, we needed to say goodbye to her crib (that she hated anyways). So a lot of our Saturday went towards decorating her brand new big girl bed. It had to be painted pink, since it would be in the pink room of the Deneweth house.

While Daddy and Zoie worked on the painting, Roxy and I fashioned up a toddler size pillow case with some fabric scraps we had.

The kids did lots of coloring and book making. I love that they put their creativity on paper... which reminds me, I need a new artwork saver bin.

Those last two pics: Zoie had a small pink ball she kept slam dunking into that little basketball hoop. When it would drop down and bounce around the porch, she'd say, "Wher'd itgo?" Then after I pointed it out, she would run over, grab it and say, "Gotcha!" She must've done this about 12 times in a row. And I laughed every time. So freaking cute.

I kind of love the "terrible" twos.

<3, Tabi :D

p.s. I need a haircut.

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