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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My ZoBo is TWO!

On Sunday, my little Zoie Rainbow turned the big T-W-O. We threw her a little party at the house and invited family and close friends to help us celebrate. It turned out to be a success!

The Theme: Rainbow (since her middle name is Rainbow... I'm going to play that one out until she tells me otherwise)
Food: Cupcakes, Cookies (at the birthday girl's request), Skittles, Rainbow Goldfish, Fruit Tray, Smarties, Naan and Hummus
Toddler Attractions: Ball Pit and Bubble Machine!

FREE Printable Rainbow Party Kit from HERE! Or you can download the PDF directly HERE. :)

Photo Overload Commence NOW.
My big girl.  LOVE HER!! <3

 Future party tip: 250 ball pit balls may sound like a lot... but they are definitely NOT enough.
Balloons are a good fill in. Just be careful around toddlers that still like to chew on things.
Luckily, Zoie was the youngest one at the party, and she is past that stage!
The birthday girl asked for cookies... did I go overboard?
On Sunday, her actual birthday, we celebrated with a low key day of playing at home, rainbow pancakes, putting together an awesome new Cozy Coupe car, compliments of Mimi and a little late night drive thru. Her late night snack? Marshmallows - her prize for going pee pee in the potty!

I'm so proud of my little big girl. :)

Today I asked her how old she is? Her answer: COOKIE!!!

<3, Tabi :D

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