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Thursday, October 18, 2012


A little family update on what we are all currently up to. 

So, you probably realized this before I did, but there is less than 2 weeks to prepare for Halloween! Eep!!! The kids did an AWESOME job decorating the house for us. It is super spooky in here. They must have been trying to drop a subtle hint that I need to get cracking on their costumes.
< segway >

ME: Currently, I'm obsessing over finalizing the kids' costumes... Well, in Zoie's case, starting her costume. Roxy chose to be Aayla Secura for Halloween. You probably have no idea who she is, which is why hers is proving to be the most difficult costume. Aayla is a Jedi from Star Wars, who of course is so awesomely fantastic that you will not find an easy ready-made costume for her anywhere. Especially for a 6 year old girl. Luckily, I have an amazing friend who will crochet just about anything for me I put in a request for. She did the hard part for me and created the headpiece. You can sneak a peek at that here. (So "adorkable" - tee hee. I stole that word from @bonniegrrl ). Riley will be a Jawa. His costume is pretty much complete, as you can see above. Yep, that's the Bear in there. He makes the cutest Jawa ever! Zoie will be an R2D2 ballerina princess. Hmmm, gotta get started on that one.

ME again: I'm also currently totally over the whole school schedule. I'm ready for summer. I've been designing and doing a little web marketing late nights and squeezing in daytime hours, too. That stuff, + school = one exhausted Mama. Plus side: my skills are no longer rusty. Down side: lack of sleep is starting to catch up to me.
(Shameless Plug: if you know anyone who needs any kind of graphic design work done, hit me up!)

Roxy: She is rocking the first grade!! This week she scored 100% on her math test, and her teacher tells us she is pretty much the perfect student. This really doesn't come as a surprise to me. ;)
She lost her first TOP tooth last night and talks a little funny now. The tooth fairy visited, left her fairy dust EVERYWHERE & left Roxy FIVE DOLLARS!
Besides being the exemplary student and talking funny, she's also keeping active with gymnastics and going to Family Body Flow with me every week. AND, she's recently been a huge help in the kitchen. This one is growing up so fast... sigh...

Riley the Bear: This guy has a huge Portal obsession. It's all he draws about, all he writes about and finishes up his chores and homework so fast so he can get his Portal time in. He's really good at it, too. ... Oh yea, he's WRITING!! This kid = one smart cookie!
Did you see that cute owl he decorated? That was all him. I was worried about his creativity at one point, pssh: nothing to worry about there! He also stays active with gymnastics, he's getting so good at his tumbles. And what a sweetheart my boy is, he definitely takes after his father with his gentle nature. I may or may not foresee myself being judgmental of his future girlfriends.
Ms. Zoie Rainbow: ... has recently discovered Dora and Diego. She's a total Doraholic. I kind of wish she still had the zero interest in TV she once had. Sometimes it's hard to get her to come to the table to eat. Sometimes, she wakes up and asks for the iPad before I can even get a chance to say Good Morning, Sunshine!  She's a persistent one, this girl. I'm sure it's the 2 year old in her.
Besides being a Doraholic, she is potty trained!! Like, all the way!! And off her binky. She is a full fledged toddler. ... no more babies in this house. :(
She still loves playing with her babies and is getting more and more independent every day. She is my little mini-me neat-freak/helper. She helps with dishes, laundry, wiping off counters and cleaning up spills on the floor. She even yells at the older to kids to clean up their messes. This makes me a proud Mama. <3

Daddy of the house: Would currently like me to wrap this post up and fix dinner. Sheesh! He's all, "Get in the kitchen, woman!" (j/k... sort of)

... so I guess I'll go ahead and do that. And hopefully have time to work on costumes tonight, too. Later peeps.

<3, Tabi :D


  1. Vanessa (Tried & True)October 22, 2012 at 7:39 PM

    Can I just say how awesome those costumes are? I can't wait until my boys want to be Jedi's!

  2. We are a family of Star Wars geeks, what can I say? ;)
    I actually can't wait until I have the three of their costumes done, I'm crossing my fingers I get some awesome pictures this Halloween.

  3. Vanessa (Tried & True)October 22, 2012 at 10:28 PM

    Yeah, we're pretty geeky over here too. :) We did Endor costumes a couple years ago but that didn't end so well:


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xo, Tabi :D

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