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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is me: participating

Even though I love to be nonconformist (lol), sometimes I participate in various blogosphere activities. This one, I am really looking forward to: The Vagabond Studio's Thankvember Blog Hop.

True story, and this is getting personal: Even though I have no religion, I do say my "prayers" every night. In my head, I make a mental list of what I am thankful for in my life and then I move on to my mental list of things I need to work towards (such as patience, confidence, focus, etc.).

Mentally listing out the things I am grateful for is a big part of maintaining my inner peace  happiness. I am that person that always wants more more more. But, the more I take inventory of all the awesome things I already have, the more I find my wants becoming less and less. I have what I need and I am so happy for that.

This is the reason I am looking forward to a month of blogging with focus on what I am thankful for. I really do have a lot. I am one lucky girl and I'm excited to share some of that with you next month.

Interested? It's a blog hop, so come on and join in! :)

The Vagabond Studio

<3, Tabi :D

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