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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Eve

Today I:

  • Voted (via mail). Woo!
  • Washed all the bedsheets and lost a pillow case. Seriously. I can not figure out how/where/what??? I mean, how does that happen?
  • Froze my booty off in my house since I know my husband would freak if I turned the heat on.
  • Had a serious talk with my body and told the kids to do the same. We talked about getting sick and feeling better and if we are going to do it (get sick), we need to wait until after tomorrow. Only one chance to Trick Or Treat per year, you know.
  • Dropped off the pumpkin Roxy painted for Lilly, but had to run off pretty fast because someone had to pee so bad.
  • Didn't feel like cooking, so I got a pizza from the Spirit Night place. It was meh. But it was easy peasy cooking/clean up!
  • Got like 4 texts letting me know Disney purchased LucasFilms for $4 billion. ...
  • Told Christopher if he didn't clean Leia Mouse's cage tonight I will be moving out.
  • Tried to not hurry because I heard it makes fast take longer, but Riley was still late to school.
So, what did you do today?
<3, Tabi :D

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