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Monday, December 17, 2012

Cloudy Monday.

Generally, on Mondays for me, it's a time of non-stop things to do, people to drop off/pick up and no time to think.

Today: I'm thinking. Inside my head is way too cloudy and confused right now. I need to stop and sort these things out. I don't know what else to do.

Last Thursday, we began our Christmas decorating. Saturday night, our tree was trimmed and most of our decorations up.

On Sunday, I was overwhelmed in my to do list and didn't get half of it done.

This morning, I made Christopher turn around and drop Roxy off at home. I just couldn't let her go to school this morning. Then I cried because my toaster is on the brink of death.

I haven't watched the TV news at all. I've only read a couple of articles here and there and seen the many many short thoughts, prayers and sentiments come across my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Yet, I'm still feeling the overwhelming wave of emotion from the whole Connecticut tragedy.

Somehow, I feel so... isolated right now.

Today, I will clean. Get the kids in gear and put them to work on getting the house holiday worthy. Hopefully, that will clear up a little of the cloudiness. A clean floor is always a great first step in clear thinking for me.

Maybe a little holiday craft? New stockings, perhaps?

I wish I knew of a service I could give $25 to and they would in turn organize all of the LEGOs in my house. I've had boxes sitting unopened in a pile for 5 days now and the thought of doing it myself is overwhelming.

My mantra this week: Love. Love. Love.

<3, Tabi :D

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