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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday Confessions.

  1. My kids are bigger wusses than I am when it comes to the cold.
  2. Speaking of the cold... we spent $100 and waited 2 hours in line to play in 'snow' for 15 minutes. And it was worth it.
  3. My house is in utter disarray in the aftermath of Christmas.
  4. I read a post on twitter about a comedian who re-tweets ungrateful Christmas tweets. I was being very judgmental about those people and then felt guilty about being judgmental. Also, because I already have a white iPhone 5, sooo....
  5. Christmas came and went so freaking fast! I've heard some people took their tree down Christmas night!! I thought they were rushing it, but Chris has me convinced it's just the procrastinator in me. So, my confession is that I'm procrastinating taking the tree down.
  6. I haven't bought presents for my Mom, Dad, Sunshine or Lala yet. (procrastinating again!) But it's okay, I won't see them until sometime in January. 
  7. I have to make breakfast now, so I'll add in some more confessions later. 
<3, Tabi :D

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