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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: Year in Review.

Tomorrow is the last day of 2012. Being the end of the year and all, it is customary to look back and reflect on the past 12 months. I always like to define one specific thing about a year that defined a change in my (and my family's) lifestyle.

2012 will henceforth be known as the year we went veg. We became veganish vegetarians in March, we haven't looked back and it's changed me in ways I wouldn't have imagined it would have. Call me crazy, but I feel I have a totally different bond/viewpoint on life in general now that I don't rely on the demise of another living creature's life to satisfy my hunger.

Veganish... perhaps I should define this? Since we also found out this year (in February) that Riley has a milk allergy, the majority of our family meals are vegan.

I spent the time going through my iPhoto this morning. It took me hours, but I completed my task of creating a collage/picking a photo to define each month this year. Initially, I thought I could just pick one photo per month, but there were so many cute, awesome, exciting moments this year. Picking just one per month is impossible.

January 2012: Roxy celebrated her 6th birthday. She had a Princess Leia/Star Wars birthday party in the park. I remember a bunch of sickies around here and that pretty much summed up our month. Speaking of which, I guess I'd better start planning a 7th birthday party, huh?

February 2012: I always love February. It gives me a reason to decorate everything with hearts. A couple of my 'Valentine's' decorations actually became permanent fixtures around here. The things that stand out to me the most about February are (1) we learned Riley had a milk allergy (2) Lilly's birthday party, which to me, was such a beautiful and loving night, and (3) my cousin Paulie dying in a tragic car accident on Super Bowl Sunday.

March 2012: March is the month we became vegetarian. It was mainly Roxy's decision, but everyone was on board to support her, no questions asked. We were lucky enough to stay a few days in Kissimmee with good friends and had an awesome Spring Break. Immediately following our Spring Break, my Mom, Dad and Lala came to visit us from up north. It was a busy, eventful month.

April 2012: April seemed to be a month of working out the kinks in our whole change of eating. Looking back, it seemed we were homebodies and was a pretty chill month. Oh yea, April was also the month we welcomed Leia (the mouse) into our family!!

May 2012: In May, we had our third Star Wars party. This time, it was for Cameron who turned double digits (the big 1-0) and we held it at a bowling alley! Hey, we had to switch it up somehow! I also did a 31 day blog challenge, which was kind of amazing for me. I celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary and I longed for the end of the school year.

June 2012: We were free from the confines of school schedules!! We swam a lot. Played a lot and it was just awesome.

July 2012: Was the month I began to get itchy for an adventure. I thought about it. I planned. Then I ditched my plans, deciding I couldn't handle it on my own. Then I got a last minute bout of braveness and just went for it. It was the month we started our Summer Adventure. It was such an adventure for me and the kids. I learned SO MUCH about me, and the kids seemed to just absorb everything in like sponges.

August 2012: We were still smack in the middle of our Summer Adventure when August rolled around. We ended up our Summer Adventure at our yearly vacay spot in the OBX. Then, we ended up our August at our own Clearwater Beach. It was a perfect way to end our summer. Oh yea! And Riley started Pre-K and Roxy started the First Grade....

September 2012: Our ZoBo turned TWO! I potty trained my last child in diapers, and my dear friend Sam had the most beautiful backyard wedding I could have ever imagined.

October 2012: The Deneweth family favorite holiday is Halloween, so this month was monopolized with Halloween crafts, costumes and activities. For a slideshow of our Halloween awesomeness, click here. My Christopher turned 35, and I got to attend my cousin in Orlando's wedding. The wedding was awesome for a couple of reasons: (1) I haven't seen my cousin in FOREVER and it was amazing to see him share his love in front of all his friends and family, and (2) I got to enjoy having some of my extended family (who all reside in MD) in my state! 

November 2012: We lost Sidney. :(  We had our very first vegan Thanksgiving. And I turned 29. Again.

December 2012: Riley turned 5!! We had an awesome Christmas and the kids got to experience 'snow' at Busch Gardens. It was the closest they've ever come to the real stuff ever. Paying $100 and standing in line for two hours was so worth it.


Phew! That was a lot! I guess you can say this is my version of the yearly letter in review some people tuck in with their Christmas cards... but more interactive. ;)

One point five days left in this year. What will you do to make it count? What will I do?? Hmmm.

Love you guys.

<3, Tabi :D


  1. It's crazy how fast the time flies. It looks like you guys had a wonderful 2012. Love the Easter cake, and your kiddos are adorable. Blessings and wishes for an equally wonderful and prosperous new year.

  2. Thank you! I wish your new year will be the best one yet! :)


I love feedback, thanks so much for sharing.

Have an awesome day.

xo, Tabi :D

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