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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Some whining + Panda

This week I can't think about Christmas being 20 days away.

I have a party in 2.5 days to prepare for. The Portal party is beginning to become real to me, despite being 2.5 days away, I'm just starting to grasp the reality that it is coming!

The bounce house has been reserved. My lists have been made. The banner is ready to be printed and strung up. Dollar store shopping has been completed.

So, yeah - tomorrow I've got a lot to do...

Besides preparing this week for Portal Party, I'm dealing with the left side of my face on the verge of exploding. I can't be the only one in this world that gets ill unilaterally, right? I was a sickie last week and was greeted on Monday with a stinking cold sore (ew!). That stupid little blister on the left side of my bottom lip is causing some major pains in my jaw, my ear, my eye, my sinus cavity and clouding my thinking abilities.

Seriously clouding my thinking abilities.

Anyways, this post is brought to you by: Panda.

During the summer, on our trip to the National Zoo in DC, Roxy got a little stuffed floppy panda souvenir. The other kids got different trinkets they picked out for themselves. But, floppy panda has been, since AUGUST, the object of desire around here.

Two weeks ago, I decided enough was enough and ordered two more.

Which was genius! except for my two year old is being a two year old sometimes and must have the panda that belongs to Roxy or Riley and not the one that belongs to her. Despite the fact that they ALL ARE EXACTLY THE SAME!

The panda babies are always around these days. I'm challenging myself to take a photo with Panda at least once a day & post it to Instagram if/until this phase is over.

Hopefully my little self challenge will pull me out of my monthly photo rut.

Enough rambling. xo

<3, Tabi :D

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