Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Mall

It rained today. But I had a Bear that needed a playground and I had a $5 off coupon for DSW. So to the mall we went!

The Bear and Zoie played, I got my Five Guys on (YUM) and replaced my beat up flattened black Roxy flip flops with brand new black Roxy flip flops. What can I say? The black flip flop is an important staple basic to my wardrobe.

The mall is a very multitasking place. You can shop, play, eat, people watch, sleep... (One day I will get a picture of the old men napping in lounge chairs - they make me laugh every time). 

In my teen years, the mall was such a super cool place to be. A place to scope out hot boys, gather absolutely necessary fashion essentials, meet up with friends and be seen.

As I became an older teenager and into my twenties, the mall was where I worked. A still familiar setting, a community I was very comfortable in, but it was starting to lose its coolness. I no longer wanted to be there all the time - I had to.

Today, at the mall - a place I frequent maybe 6 times a year - this place was no longer the familiar setting it was in my past. I didn't feel as comfortable as I used to - actually I pretty much felt out of place.

There was a huge Aeropostale ad seen throughout the whole mall featuring a cute red headed girl in her bra and panties that made me feel uncomfortable. I don't know if it's because she looked like she was 15 and practically naked. I don't know if it was because I know tons of teenage girls will look at that chick and hate on themselves a bit because real people don't look like that.

The kiosks feature pop-up sales people trying to lure you in. It's sad, but you just have to avoid eye contact. There was one with a creepy old guy getting a free hand mineral massage from a young blonde. He was standing weird and close to her. The way he looked at her made me want to vomit.

And I never realized before how overpriced and crappy the stuff in Claire's is.

Oh. :(

Does this mean I'm getting old?


After dinner, we went to Pop In Play at Pump It Up. 

This is where I felt like I fit in. This is where I was comfortable. Pffft. I'm not getting old, I'm living it up on gigantic blow up slides. :)

I was so proud of this one. I got Zoie's reaction going down the slide. She really loves that thing.

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