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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Six Things You Probably Don't Know about ROXY

This girl made me a Mom. <3

1. Every night, she finishes up her bedtime routine with a series of kisses. Five different kisses: (1) Standard Smooch (2) Eskimo Kisses (3) Butterfly Kisses (4) European Kisses <one on each cheek> and (5) a Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs inspired kiss.

2. She's the worst procrastinator in the WORLD. Mostly due to the mirror in the room, it will take her 30 minutes to brush her teeth. And I thought I was bad.

3. When Riley was born, Roxy was 23 months old. She came to visit us in the hospital and meet her brother for the very first time, I put the Bear in her little lap and she told me he was HER baby and no one else was allowed to touch him. I was yelled at for trying. From that moment on, she has been the best big sister ever!

4. When Roxy grows up, she will be a designer. It's a good fit because she's creative, choosy about her clothes (she knows what she wants) and draws all the time. Look out Project Runway (in 12 or so years)!

5. Although she wants to be a designer when she grows up, she secretly wishes more than anything to be a mermaid. One like the girls on this show, where she's a human on land, but turns into a mermaid when she touches water.

6. I never intended Roxy to be a 'princess' little girl. But I soon learned that, as parents, we have no say in what our children like or who they turn out to be - we only play a supporting role.
She is the ultimate princess. Complete with dress up dresses, shoes, crowns, necklaces and all the coordinating accessories you can think of.
Saying this, she is completely obsessed with Star Wars, but in a totally girly way. She loves all things Leia, Amidala and the Clone Wars' Jedi Ahsoka.
(I am so happy she is. Star Wars girls are ladies, but not helpless damsels in distress. I love the role models they are for my girls.)

<3 Happy Birthday little Jedi Princess Roxy! <3

<3, Tabi :D

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