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Friday, July 1, 2011

Doing nothing on July 1st

Happy July 1st! Welcome to the second trimester of the summer.
In honor of this momentous occasion, I decided to do nothing today. I'm kind of a happily-busy-all-the-time kind of gal - so this is a big thing for me. Really! I even texted hubby with a list of things to pick up from the grocery store on the way home from work (milk, bananas, Pirate's Booty... only the essentials).

Here's what we did today while doing nothing:

Captions from top left to right:
mmmmm. mango peach smoothies
more laundry
play time
dancing for cookies
gettin' my hair did
'crazy hair day' 'do
5:00 coffee (a few minutes early)
dirty baby*
lightsaber action
Darth Vader vs. Princess Leia
dinner! liberty goldfish chicken, couscous and broccoli
nom nom nom

* The dirty baby story... I swept off our back porch and thought I'd be brave and let her crawl around and explore. I knew she would get dirty, but I could just clean her up afterwards, right? I put her down, sat down and watched her explore.... I lasted two minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. In we go for a quick sink bath. We'll try again when she can walk.

 I have to do this more often. I had lots of fun today - maybe I could make the first of every month my 'do nothing day'. 

The moral of the story is, with 3 kids, doing "nothing" is NOT boring and a lot of fun! :)
(and I even snuck in my chores while doing nothing - always the multitasker... heehe)

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