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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Instagrams of my Meh Day

It started out good, really good... I woke up before anyone else (if you know me, this is w e i r dddd) and I had a nice, quiet 30 minutes to myself - all alone. I used this time wisely to explore a few of my old favorite blogs (cjane, nienie) and some new ones (bleubird) I am finding quite interesting.

I snapped this photo before I snuck out.
The gang finally got up.
I love everyone's expression in this photo. Makes me giggle every time.
I cranked up my 'Three Little Birds' Pandora channel - and got the party started.

I made the kids fold some laundry...
The Bear is 'supervising'.
... while I made breakfast.
Pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, bacon. (eggs and bacon not pictured)

Then I kicked the hubs out to cut the grass (we can see the fence again!!) and that's where it started going sour. A few tattles, tantrums and tears later we were dressed, fed and out the door for a few errands and to shop for our new kitchen table.

A little IKEA should fix any kind of day gone bad - but not today. There was an issue with a price, some weird happenings in Smaland involving two kids that were thrown in time out unjustly, and a Momma leaving IKEA without a new kitchen table.

Plus, Christopher took this awful, crummy picture of me...
The sun was in my eyes - what?!?
So - homeward bound to fix dinner, clean the kids and get them to bed. LOL! That was MUCH easier said than done. But dinner was deelish (cheeseburgers, fries and Aunt Lisa's Broccoli Salad).
Which brings us to right now - me: blogging and drinking a glass of Chardonnay (thanks Christopher <3), Christopher: lounging shirtless and watching tosh.O on Hulu, Kids: dreaming away.

I wish I had some great insights to blog about, but I could never quite get on my game today. So, instead - I leave you with the many looks of Roxy's Chixo:

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