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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Lilly Mills <3
02.04.2006 - 07.02.2011
About a week after Roxy started Pre-K, she received a letter in her folder that wasn't homework or a note from the school. It was a note written in red marker asking Roxy to be friends. That note was from a cute little shy girl named Lilly. And from that day on, Roxy had her first best friend.

Roxy talked about Lilly every day when I picked her up at noon. She would tell me if Lilly had a job (i.e. feed the fish, weather watcher, etc.), how Lilly wore her hair, if she wore a dress or pants... I heard so much about Lilly, I felt like she was a part of my family before I'd even met her outside of school.

On our first play date with Lilly, we met at the park. Roxy, Riley, Lilly and Fifi. The girls played, Riley followed them around. I talked for hours with Lilly's Mom, Sam and we discovered how so similar our two oldest children were. They both loved princesses, they both were amazing big sisters, they even had birthdays 8 days apart. A few strangers even asked me if they were sisters.

Lilly, Fifi and Sam were our new friends. They always had an open invite to play (when the kids weren't sick) and an automatic invitation to our family birthday get togethers.

I had hoped the girls would be BFF's and start kindergarten together at the same school, but the Mills' family planned to move over the summer. And with a move brings a busy Mom! Sam assured me that the girls would get to see each other as her Mom lives close and also Lilly's half siblings. They would still be around and hopefully the girls wouldn't lose touch.

Last Friday, as I sat down after lunch for a breather and did my usual iPhone check. I would check Facebook, Twitter, then the local news. I came across this article about a terrible accident. A drunk driver had crashed into a minivan carrying four young children. Tragic! I read on to see not only was the accident close to home, that minivan was driven by Sam and Lilly was listed as in critical condition. I immediately text Sam, post a note to Facebook asking for prayers and start worrying. And try to hide my worry from the children.

A few hours later, I click back on the article to see if there were any new developments. You can read it here. Lilly had died. Shivers. And my heart broke.

I texted Christopher.
Lilly died. :(
OMG. Do I tell Roxy?
I have been sick to the stomach ever since. And still have not found the heart to tell Roxy.


Last night (and every night at bedtime... our routine), I ask Roxy, "... and who do you love?"
"Mommy, Daddy, Riley, Zoie, Lilly, Cameron, Gramma and Mimi."

Mommas, hug your babies extra tight tonight. Life is precious.

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  1. I'm sure she makes a beautiful angel. Everyone in heaven is lucky to have her. <3



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