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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July - Bittersweet

 How was your Fourth?

At the Brandon Fourth of July Parade.
Dancing in the mist at BG
Ours was:
Sweet in that we were blessed with a nice, relaxing day.
Sweet that we landed a nice shady spot to watch the parade.
Sweet that the thunderstorms ended right before we got to Busch Gardens for fireworks, giving us a cool, clean theater for fireworks.
Sweet that I had a wonderful day with my happy, healthy little family. I am so grateful.


Bitter that our friends are mourning the loss of their sweet child and are hurting more than words can express.
Bitter in that I am hiding this terrible secret from my baby.

Chris and I decided we will tell her tomorrow - when he has the day off from work and we can have time to deal with feelings properly.  Then we plan to write a letter to Lilly and send her some balloons up to heaven from the park.

Did I mention I am so grateful?
Waiting for fireworks

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