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Monday, July 25, 2011

It's hard to be happy when...

... terrible tragedies happen to good people. This thing in Norway is so terrible. I honestly don't know how a human can open fire and shoot to kill innocent teenagers like that. Unprovoked. I mean, even bad people aren't 100% evil, right? First, a BOMB! Then this guy goes and shoots to kill for something like 90 minutes!! He sees these kids' faces, their pleading...

That link above is a blog post from one of the victims on the island - a child. Truly a real life horror story. All those in Norway that lost a friend and/or relative are in my thoughts.

... We lose another genius to addiction. RIP Amy Winehouse. Russell Brand wrote about this and his account on the whole scenario is touching, smart, witty...  I know some people have bad thoughts about my R. Brand (ahem - Christopher), but I see his genius.

I have my own theory about people whose personalities are like Amy's (addictive). Some are not so talented as she, some are. Sometimes I think in abstract and I haven't found the right words to explain this theory clearly, but I'll try: Drugs/Alcohol are very spiritual things. People do these things, yes to numb pain (emotional and/or physical), but it also opens up your spiritual beingness. Some people have spirits that are too strong, too powerful for their earthly bodies to handle. These people either learn to harness their powerful spirits and succeed at life... OR... they give in and let the drugs release their spirits into the heavens.

... I feel like crap and my baby feels like crap. :(

On Saturday, we had a pretty good day at Adventure Island. Shared some laughs with close friends, bonded a little as a family, ate some good food, etc.

Then we came home.     Zoie puked.     I read the news (above).     Zoie puked.     Chris tore apart the house looking for his wallet and lost glasses.     I started feeling crappy.     All in that order.

But, in true Tabi Happy form, I will keep on keeping on.

This keeps me happy. 
Peek A Boo!
It's IMPOSSIBLE for me to look at this picture without smiling. ;)

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