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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Lives: Through a Peephole

  (( Today is day 14 of Thankvember. What are you thankful for? ))

Today I am thankful for: Blogging

I never was good at baby books, diaries or even calling my Mom on a regular basis. I'm lucky if I can find our important papers upon request and I have a crappy memory. If it wasn't for this blog, I'm afraid a lot of my most important memories, important milestones of my littles' precious first years, would have been lost in the sands of time. 
This blog, to me, is a neatly organized little scrapbook. From time to time, I'll go back and read some of my older posts and it's a trip down memory lane. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry. For my new readers, the readers that don't know me personally... I like to think you have a little peephole into our lives. 

That may or may not have sounded creepy. That was unintentional. For the record, I don't think of you as creepers.

Were you wondering what's going on in those peepholes up there?
1-3. A peep into our nightly dinner conversation, where the kids answer the question,
"What did you do today that you are so proud of?"

4-6. A peep into some of the products of our little art explosion. (Left) A chalk photo of me. by: Roxy (Middle) A local map of all the important places. by: Riley (Right) Chalk Art titled: I Am Rock N Roll. by: Riley
7. The little Panda that is the object of everyone's affection. I need two more little Pandas.
8. Cameron got his braces off!!
9. A trinket (of affection?) received by Roxy from a little 1st grade male admirer. She's a popular little girl!
xo, Tabi :D

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