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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 15: Tuesday Timeline

For your viewing enjoyment, I made a GIF of what we did today. Reading about it could get a little long and wordy. But if it's scrolling too fast for ya, here's the gist of my day:

7 ish: wake up, make coffee, kids cereal... honestly, this part of my day is a bit blurry. Need caffeine.
8:30 am: Play time in my room, while I make my latte and breakfast. Here, they are jumping on my bed.
8:45 am: Mario Party 4 time.
Meanwhile, 8:45 am: I'm eating my breakfast and browsing the internets.
10:00 am: Squeezing in a little blogging.
10:45 am: Tuesdays are bed linen washing days. Start laundry.
11:30 am: Naptime for ZoBo.
12:00 pm: Lunchtime (I missed snapping a picture of our smoothies and salads today).
1:45 pm: Pack in the van to pick Roxy up from school.
2:15 pm: Pick up line.
3:00 pm: Home from picking Roxy up and we also stopped off at the library to pick up a couple of books we had on hold.
4:00 pm: Dancing for cookies.
4:15 pm: Time to start dinner. We're having Vegan Lasagna tonight. It's a new recipe.
5:00 pm: Finish up laundry while the lasagna is in the oven.
5:45 pm: Lasagna is done! It was super duper yummy, too.
6:00 pm: Finished up helping Christopher clean the pool while the lasagna cools a little.
6:45 pm: Books at the dinner table while we have a few stragglers. Saffy is the cutest little giraffe book!
7:00 pm: Kid free shower time!!
7:30 pm: Jammies, Leia and couch time. This is what we call "settle down time".

And that is all folks. We get the kids down, then we have grown up time till we pass out. ;)

Today was a rather slow weekday for us. I actually got time to sit down... whaaaa??? For an idea of a busier day, you can read about my last Monday here.

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<3, Tabi :D

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