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Sunday, May 6, 2012

My 5 Senses Right Now

The prompt for today's Blog Challenge is 'Your 5 Senses Right Now'. It's a typical Sunday evening over here at the Deneweth house. Here's what's going on:

What I'm seeing: Christopher cleaning the dishes. Oh yea! I think I've mentioned before that yummy vegan cooking makes a ginormous vegan mess in the kitchen, so there's a fair amount of dishes to clean. He's a little darker today from the sun, slightly frecklier and his hair is just a tad messy from swimming in the pool all day.

I also see the top of Zoie's blonde head because she's sitting in my lap playing Toca Boca on my phone as I'm typing this.

What I'm hearing: Cake Radio on Pandora. Modest Mouse was just on. This is Christopher's station.... Don't get me wrong, I dig it. I just think there are a little too many naughty words sometimes for the chickadees. We have Pandora streaming through our Air Port to the wireless speakers. This is how music is always played in my house. I can't stand the sound of bad speakers.

In the background, I can hear R and R in the living room (or 'Daddy's Room' as they call it) playing Lego Batman on the Xbox. They are celebrating something, I guess they just beat a bad guy, whoot! I'm so happy it's a celebration sound rather than the all too familiar fighting sounds over that silly video game.

What I'm touching: My fuzzy slippers on my feet down below and my keyboard, of course! Also, Zoie's wiggly body is in my lap and I stop to pick up my drink every so often. It's cold and wet from condensation.

What I'm smelling: Garlic, mostly. The vegan pizza Christopher and I just put so much work into is cooking away in the oven. It smells so yummy, I wish I could share it with you. When is scratch and sniff over the internet going to be invented?? (See finished pizza above!)

Every so often I get a slight whiff of chlorine. I think I can smell it in Zoie's hair. We spent a good part of the day swimming it up at the YMCA and my girl is a little fish! She even went under a few times. I just had to throw in a picture of my ZoBo in her new sunnies... see? So cute!

Taste: My afternoon iced soy mocha latte. I'm a little spoiled with my espresso machine. I have 2 lattes a day and today is no exception. Yum-O!


This post was inspired by Boy Oh Boy's 31 Day Blog Challenge. 
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<3, Tabi :D

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