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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend was a little of a whirlwind. Secretly, these are my favorite kinds of weekends. They are super busy, but jam packed full of good times. Here's a peeksie at our last weekend.

My stepson Cameron turned 10 on Friday and we threw him a bowling party bash to celebrate on Saturday.

TEN!! Double digits is big time. It seems like just yesterday he was freaking me out by pooping in the bathtub.

We haven't been bowling in so it was a big treat for us. Bowling is apparently not enough anymore, the cool thing is blacklight bowling!! With pop music. The kids really enjoyed it, I think we'll have to go more often now. After showing our skillz on the lanes, we had yummy Death Star cake and ice cream, then Cameron opened all his cards. He asked for money (I guess that's what 10 year olds are into these days), and that's what he received. So much, in fact, that we left the bowling alley and went straight to Toys R Us so he could purchase a new bicycle. You can see Zoie building it for him up there.

To celebrate Mother's Day, we took a relaxing trip to the beach for some sun, sand and relaxation. It was a bit cloudy, but perfect temperature. Roxy made a sand mermaid, a few castles and buried Riley. The Bear practiced swimming in the Gulf and rolled around in the sand. Zoie just enjoyed getting dirty and chasing the birds. Christopher made some fishy friends - for real, one stalked him and nibbled his toes for like 20 minutes! I sat back, enjoyed having my toes in the sand, the nice cool water and even saw some dolphins!  It's always a good day at the beach. The best part? No one fought or cried or even whined the whole time we were there.

Then we ended the perfect day stuffing our bellies at Sweet Tomatoes and falling into food coma on the couch.

The Swag.

Of course, I was showered with gifts and homemade cards. I got: the cutest little Star Wars plushies. R2D2 and Vader... my faves. I am in love, these guys are too cute!! Christopher pimped my computer: rainbow keyboard!!! My Mother in Law gave us (I say us because if it was just mine, it would be dead) a cute desert rose plant that came with a cute little bonus mushroom. I also got a gift card to Starbucks and a rain check for a trip to Rita's (mmmmm... mango gelati).

Those two adorable pillows are the gifts we made for my Mom (the pillow on the left) who lives in Maryland and for my Mother in Law (the one on the right).

My family sure knows how to make a Mom feel loved. xo

<3, Tabi :D


  1. Happy Mother's Day to my dear friend who inspires me to do more do-it-yourself crafts and projects with my daughter. :)

    1. Thanks, Lori! Ditto on the Happy Mother's Day. I trust you had as much fun on your Mother's Day week vacation as it looked on Facebook. :)


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xo, Tabi :D

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