Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 8: What's in My Handbag

I go through stages in my bag carrying tendencies. Sometimes you will find me with a huge over the shoulder messenger type bag with anything and everything inside. This cycle will ebb and flow until I get to where I'm at now, in a teeny tiny little bag with only necessities.

And that is all, folks! Of course, I do have a huge bag in the minivan full of wipes, diapers, hanitizer, and anything else I may or may not need for the day. But it doesn't get carried around much at all anymore.

See what other bloggers carry around in their handbags. Go on, click and be nosy. :)

<3 Tabi :D


  1. I love being nosey in everyone's bags!

    Jealous of your cute wee bag - I could never manage with such a small one!

    1. Thanks JanMary! I love my little bag. It's actually the perfect size for everything I need to run in the store.

  2. Thats a cute bag and this blog is great :) x

  3. Your handbag is so cute! I love your back up chapstick, LOL. I carry a ton of lip products in my bag. :)

  4. such restraint! I could never manage haha


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xo, Tabi :D

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