Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Confessions.

A couple of things I need to get off my chest:
  • Last night I made a yummy peanut chickpea curry. For a side, I cooked up a package of yellow rice I had in the pantry. Silly me, I thought yellow rice was rice that was naturally yellow... it's not. There were spices in the package, so I looked at the ingredients to make sure there was no dairy. No dairy, but there was dehydrated chicken (ew) in it. I kept the secret from Roxy who would be devastated to know there was chicken in her rice. :(
    (I feel so guilty... obviously, no more yellow rice for us)
  • I try so hard to not be judgmental, but I saw someone throw a soda can out of their car window into the road and I judged them. Then I saw a very pregnant woman walking around and smoking a Marlboro Red and I judged her.
  • I have 20,700 photos in my iPhoto library. Yikes. My poor little MacBook.
  • Buggy apps make me use curse words.
Kindly leave your Thursday Confession below. xo

<3, Tabi :D


  1. The mahatma brand of yellow rice is vegan...otherwise, get yourself some saffron and turmeric and you'll never know the difference =)

    My Thursday confession is that I am about to go peruse internet shopping to see if it will make my day end well!

    1. Very useful info, Sarah. Thanks!
      p.s. I love turmeric, but it is so messy.

  2. The law states you get to litter once per year, believe me I am a lawyer.

  3. My confession is I just judged the anonymous comment above bc...just bc the law says its ok once a year (if it does) that doesn't make it ok.

    1. It's not.

      Also, did you know: Over 800 Americans are killed each year in litter/debris-attributed motor vehicle accidents

      and: in California the punishment for first-time littering starts at a $100 fine and eight hours of picking up roadside litter

      Wow!! (from Wikipedia: Litter in the United States)

    2. WOW, we could ascertain that the previous anon comment was BS XD! Littering does however create opportunities/jobs. Opps for homeless to find goods that can be exchanged for money then booze (lol) or jobs for the Sheriff's department for court ordered community service/chain change clean up.

      Just remember any blessing can be a travesty in disguise and any travesty can be a blessing in disguise. Perspective use or lose it!

      4 hits of lucy, across the street, planetarium nature videos FTW experience for life and memories until the need conscious thought.

  4. my belated thursday confessions are

    1. I'm late for everything!

    2. I sometimes put my baby in the buggy with the hood up and sneak around behind him to get things done, because if he can see me and I don't pick him up he cries! I feel like the world's meanest mommy.


I love feedback, thanks so much for sharing.

Have an awesome day.

xo, Tabi :D

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